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A Guide to HALCO's Adhesive Range

In the world of fastening solutions, adhesives play a pivotal role, offering secure bonding for various materials and surfaces. For professionals working with hook & loop tapes and adhesive tapes, selecting the right adhesive is paramount to ensuring durability and reliability. In this guide, we delve into the world of adhesives, focusing on some of HALCO's adhesive products designed to meet the diverse needs of industries and applications.

Understanding Adhesives:

Adhesives work by creating molecular bonds between the adhesive substance and the surface it's applied to, resulting in a strong and durable connection. They come in various formulations, each tailored to specific requirements such as temperature resistance, UV stability, and substrate compatibility.

Our top Adhesive Hook & Loop products:

Adhesive hook & loop products are used when clients are looking for a combination of permanent bonding to a surface on one side with the reusability of hook & loop on the reverse side. Applications where this can be found include transport interiors, point of sale displays and more.

 HALCO PRO Adhesive Hook & Loop:
  • Premium adhesive-backed hook & loop tapes ideal for indoor use on smooth surfaces.
  • Features a high coat weight aggressive hotmelt rubber adhesive.
  • Offers immediate high strength bond and exceptional peel and shear strength.
HALCO BOND Adhesive Hook & Loop:
  • Coated with extreme acrylic adhesive suitable for high and low temperatures.
  • Ideal for outdoor applications and compatible with most PVC materials.
  • Delivers a high initial bond with increasing strength over 48 hours for a permanent bond.


Our top adhesive tape products:

Choosing the right adhesive tape is essential for achieving optimal performance and longevity in various applications. HALCO's extensive product line of adhesive tapes offer a solution for every bonding need, from foam tapes for uneven surfaces to very high bond double sided tape that can replace screws and rivets in industrial applications.

HALCO F20 Double Sided Tissue Tape:
  • Available in various thicknesses, including the 100-micron variant.
  • Perfect for bonding nameplates, paper, plastic, and metal sheets.
  • Features a specially constructed adhesive for optimal bonding.
HALCO F10 1mm Double Sided Foam Tape:
  • Designed for bonding uneven surfaces.
  • Features a polyethylene foam carrier with a high bond acrylic adhesive.
  • Resistant to elevated temperatures, UV exposure, and challenging substrates.
HALCO X10T Double Sided Clear Very High Bond Tape:
  • Boasts super-strength adhesive power suitable for diverse industries.
  • Ideal for automotive, signage, and electronics applications.
  • Offers clear panel bonding, impact resistance, and weather resilience.

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HALCO F40 Double Sided Polyester Tape:

  • Offers outstanding bonding solution with a clear polyester film carrier.
  • Available in multiple thickness options to suit specific requirements.
  • Resistant to elevated temperatures, UV exposure, and difficult substrates.

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By understanding the unique properties and applications of each adhesive, professionals can confidently select the most suitable product for their specific requirements, ensuring reliable and durable bonds in every project. For more adhesive hook & loop, click here. For more adhesive tapes, click here

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