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Hook & Loop for Cable Management

Cable management is an essential aspect of any workplace or home office, messy cables can be a safety hazard. One of the most effective ways to organise cables and wires is by using hook & loop solutions. There's plenty of reasons you should be using hook & loop in your cable management, and in this insight we'll be going through some of them:

  1. Easy to Use
    One of the main benefits of hook & loop tape is its ease of use. Hook and loop is as simple as wrapping the tape around the cable bundle and pressing the two sides together. This makes it an ideal solution for people who are not particularly handy with tools or those who need a quick and easy solution to manage their cables.
  2. Reusable
    Another advantage of hook & loop tape is that it is reusable. Unlike other cable management solutions that require you to cut and dispose of the material once used, hook & loop tapes can be easily undone and reused as needed. This makes it a cost effective and eco-friendly solution to cable management.
  3. Safety
    Hook and loop tape is a safe cable management solution. Unlike cable ties or other fastening solutions that can damage cables or create a fire hazard, hook and loop fastening tape is gentle on cables and does not create any sharp edges or points that can cause injury. HALCO also offers fire-resistant hook & loop tape, making it a safe solution for use in high-heat environments, such as server rooms.

HALCO B2B Hook & Loop Cable Ties

A die-cut strap uses a self-engaging back-to-back hook and loop material with a hook on one side and a loop on the other. One end of the strap is wider with a small slot cut into it. The other side is cut with a curved end. The strap is wrapped around the bundle or object, then inserted through the slot, pulled tight, and secured back onto itself.

These die-cut straps are frequently used to secure cables and wires and are an eco-friendly reusable alternative to plastic cable ties.

Find out more about our HALCO B2B Hook & Loop Cable Ties HERE.

Whether you are managing cables in an office environment or a large server room, hook & loop can be the ultimate solution for an easy, safe and reusable system. HALCO offers cable management solutions for any situation, get in touch with our expert team now who can guide you through your options.

If you have any hook and loop needs or enquiries, please contact our sales team today.

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