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How are adhesive tapes used in POS displays?

In the world of retail, marketing, and exhibitions, visual impact is paramount. Point of sale (POS) displays, shop signage, and exhibition stands are the face of a brand, and their construction involves a critical element – adhesive tapes. HALCO is a market leader in providing a variety of adhesive tapes to the retail and exhibition sector, from lightweight tissue tapes to high bond foam tapes. This blog dives into the role of adhesive tapes in helping with the structural integrity and visual appeal of point of sale displays, shop signage and exhibition stands.

Point of Sale Displays:

Point of sale displays are strategic tools for product promotion. Adhesive tapes serve various crucial functions in these displays:

  1. Assembly - They are used to securely bond various materials like cardboard, foamboard, and plastic, ensuring the stability and longevity of the displays. HALCO F20 Double sided tissue tape is ideal for this purpose, providing a strong bond and thin profile.
  2. Graphic Mounting - Adhesive tapes play a key role in mounting graphics, posters, and promotional materials, ensuring they remain securely in place. When applying to a metal frame or surface, HALCO Premium Adhesive Backed magnetic tape works perfectly, allowing designers to move pieces around as needed.
  3. Cable Management - In displays featuring electronics or lighting elements, tapes discreetly manage cables, enhancing safety and visual appeal.
HALCO F20 Double Sided Tissue Tape
HALCO Premium Adhesive Backed Magnetic Tape


Shop Signage:

Shop signage is often the first point of contact between a business and its customers. Adhesive tapes play a significant role in this context as well:

  1. Mounting - Tapes are used to affix signs and lettering to diverse surfaces like glass, metal, or concrete, ensuring they remain firmly in place. Our HALCO X10T Double Sided Clear Very High Bond Tape works perfectly on these surfaces, providing a super strength bond.
  2. Double-Sided Tapes - Double-sided adhesive tapes create hanging signs and attach promotional materials to windows and walls with a strong yet seamless bond. HALCO F40 delivers an incredible double sided bonding solution for any signage task.
  3. Edge Sealing - Outdoor signage benefits from adhesive tapes used for edge sealing, which protects against weathering and maintains visual clarity.
HALCO F40 Double Sided Polyester Tape

HALCO X10T Double Sided Clear Very High Bond Tape

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Exhibition Stands:

Exhibition stands are designed to captivate audiences at trade shows and events. Adhesive tapes are instrumental in their construction:

  1. Structural Integrity - They play a vital role in assembling frames and panels, providing stability throughout the event. Our HALCO foam tape is perfect for uneven and unusual surfaces, making it ideal to help with assembly of stand features.
  2. Graphic Application - Adhesive tapes are indispensable for applying graphics, branding elements, and promotional materials, ensuring a visually appealing display.
  3. Temporary Fixing - Exhibition stands often require quick setup and teardown. Tapes offer a secure temporary solution for attaching elements without causing damage. HALCO F30 Double sided tape is an ideal solution for any carpets or flooring at an exhibition stand, providing a secure, non-slip floor for any stand.
HALCO F30 Double Sided PVC Tape
HALCO F10 1mm Double Sided Foam Tape


Adhesive tapes are an integral component of effective point of sale displays, shop signage, exhibition stands, and more. They provide structural stability, secure graphics, and enhance the overall aesthetics of these marketing tools. The next time you encounter a well-crafted point of sale display or striking shop signage, take a moment to appreciate the crucial role adhesive tapes play in achieving their visual excellence. If you are looking for adhesive tapes for your next retail project, reach out to our team today who can expertly guide you through our range of products. 

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