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How is Hook and Loop used in Aerospace?

Hook and loop fasteners are commonly used in aerospace applications for a variety of purposes, including securing equipment and components, attaching thermal insulation and liners, and even holding down crew seats.

One of the primary advantages of using hook and loop fasteners in aerospace is their ability to create a strong, reliable bond without the need for traditional fasteners such as screws or rivets. This can save weight and reduce the risk of damage to sensitive components.

For example, in aircraft interiors, hook and loop fasteners are often used to attach soft goods such as carpeting and wall coverings. These fasteners allow for easy removal and replacement of damaged or worn materials without damaging the underlying structure of the aircraft.

In addition, hook and loop fasteners are often used to secure cable harnesses and wiring in aircraft, as they provide a secure hold while also allowing for easy removal and reinstallation during maintenance and repairs.

Overall, the versatility and reliability of hook and loop fasteners make them a valuable tool in aerospace engineering and design. HALCO can provide hook and loop to any manufacturer and we'll work with you to deliver high performance hook and loop for your needs.

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