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How is Hook and Loop used in Defence and Military?

When it comes to hook and loop, there’s little doubt that the majority of us could list numerous uses in an instant. This is a technology that is used so widely that it infiltrates almost every sector and industry that exists. It's interesting to think though about the numbers who may have thought about military hook and loop and its various applications in this field.

We’re going to be taking a look at just some of the hook and loop military applications that exist. From combat uniforms to a host of solutions to endure extreme conditions, hook and loop plays a major role in defence and military. To find out more about all that this technology has to offer, and how it provides such great benefits in this field, read on.

What is Hook and Loop?

Most people are fully aware of the likes of hoop and loop fasteners, as well as other hook and loop solutions that exist, but the history of this technology isn’t always known. The story of how hook and loop came into being goes to show just how truly inspiring nature can be. 

It was back in the 1940s when George De Mestral was walking his dog through the mountains of Switzerland. On returning home, De Mestral noticed that both his clothes and his dog's fur were covered in burs from plants. Removing these was no easy task so he set to work trying to establish what made the bond quite so firm. On looking closely, he saw that these burs were attached by using both a hook and loop. This was something that he was able to recreate and the likes of hoop and loop fasteners were born.

Military hook and loop - a specialist solution

When it comes to looking at the likes of combat uniforms that are to be used as part of safety and survival solutions, there is a need to develop the technology so that it becomes perfect for its purpose. This means that there is a need to develop items in military colours as well as ensuring that fire retardant hook and loop tape is truly effective.

It’s for these reasons that military hook and loop can’t be sourced from just any supplier. It needs to come from a source where the demanding applications are fully understood so that the perfect hook and loop solutions can be supplied. 

HALCO PRO Sew on Military Colour Hook & Loop tapes provide the perfect fastener when sewn onto fabric and can be used instead of buttons, snaps and zippers. This product is 100% polyamide with colour fastness levels of 4-5 and boasts open/close cycles of up to 10,000 times. Certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, REACH and RoHS certified. Download the HALCO Military Colour Card for our range of stock colours.


 Here’s a look at just some of the ways that hook and loop is used in the military:

Tactical apparel

When it comes to military uniform, there needs to be consideration given to how to provide effective fastening solutions. While personnel are likely to wear gloves, it is perhaps less than practical to expect them to be able to deal with the likes of wither buttons or zips. Hook and loop fasteners provide the perfect answer.

With hook and loop being used as a fastening solution, those wearing utility uniforms can be sure that the technology has led to solutions that endure extreme conditions. They can just have the confidence that hook and loop will perform.



With combat uniforms, there are an array of accessories that are needed to make these complete. Just some of these include:

• Belts
• Helmets
• Knee pads
• Elbow pads
• Pouches
• Gloves
• Backpacks
While these accessories are all a must, those wearing coat uniforms need to know that these are all secure and that there is no chance of them detaching. With buttons, clips, and zips being impractical, military hook and loop provides the answer.

These accessories need to be proven to work and the hook and loop solutions used to affix them are no different. They need to be customised so that they appear in military colours and they need to be checked and checked again to ensure that they will stand up to the extreme conditions that they’re likely to experience.


Tents and shelters

The military has a great need for tents and other types of shelters. These may be being used by personnel or they may be there to ensure that military vehicles are covered and afforded adequate protection. When it comes to these shelters, regardless of their purpose, there is a need to know that the closing technology being used is reliable.

Military hook and loop provides the most reliable solution to ensuring that a closing is secure. Manufactured in such a way that it will remain effective in the most challenging of environments, hook and look fasteners are the only answer that’s worth exploring. The military has the utmost confidence in hook and loop solutions and this provides peace of mind while operating in extremely challenging circumstances.


Fire retardant hook and loop tape

The military operates in the kinds of conditions that most of us can only imagine. That means that hook and loop needs to be developed to meet the demands that are experienced and also to keep personnel safe. One way that this is done is through the use of fire retardant hook and loop tape.

HALCO Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant Fasteners are available to be applied either by sewing or stick-on and meet many industry Fire Retardant specification requirements:



Fire Retardant Sew On Hook & Loop


Fire Retardant Adhesive Hook & Loop


Heat Resistant Hook & Loop


Stainless Steel Hook & Aramid Loop


When it comes to affixing a range of accessories to combat uniform, there needs to be the reassurance that what is being worn is as safe as it can possibly be. Fire retardant hook and loop tape gives the military that extra level of confidence and allows them to go about their roles with one less concern.

Final thoughts

When it comes to hook and loop fasteners, you need to be sure that you’re only using the very best. If you’re looking for that which is able to be used for demanding applications, our experience in producing military hook and loop is proof that we’re able to cater for practically every scenario.

Our safety and survival solutions put us heads and shoulders above our competitors as we have adapted what we offer to ensure that it’s of a quality that just can't be beaten. If you want to find out more about our military standard hook and loop, why not get in touch and see how we can help?

With so many factors to determine the best hook and loop solution for your requirements, we would highly recommend that you speak to one of the hook and loop specialists at HALCO. We’re happy to answer all enquiries and help you to make the best decision for your application. To find out more about which defence and military application hook and loop products are available, browse our extensive range of fasteners or simply get in touch today and speak with an expert.


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