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How do Eastman Cutting Machines compare?

When it comes to Eastman Cutting machines, there are a lot of options to choose from, with each serving a unique purpose and function. From cutting through heavy duty fabrics to cutting straight and true, there is an Eastman machine here at HALCO. In this insight we'll go through our Eastman range and briefly discuss what the function of each is.

Eastman Blue Streak II

With its striking blue colour and name, the Blue Streak is the jack-of-all-trades for Eastman machines, perfect for a range of tasks and can cut even the most intricate of shapes with its high maneuverability.

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Eastman Brute

The Brute is Eastmans heavy duty cutter, with increased motor power, it can be used to cut through increased numbers of ply or heavier materials. With double the horsepower of the Blue Streak II, it's the go-to for extra cutting power.

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Eastman Chickadee

Handheld and lightweight, the Chickadee is a great choice for anyone looking for a handheld rotary shear. It packs a punch too, easily able to glide through fabrics when cutting.

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Eastman Long-Handled Chickadee

It's more of the same quality cutting as above with it's smaller counterpart, but with an extra long handle to get across the table and cut big pieces of fabric with ease. 

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Eastman Cloth Drill

This piece of machinery can drill holes through layers of fabric at once, creating buttonholes, markers or pockets easily. A good choice for loosely knit or quilted materials where a mark is needed too.

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Eastman Auto Track Falcon II

Cut perfectly straight lines every time with the ATF. Sitting on a guided track, the knife will always cut through fabrics true. 

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Eastman Hornet

The Hornet is a rechargeable handheld option, with a battery operated motor. It's lightweight and different settings can cut through fabrics easily, and it's easy to maneuver too.

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Eastman Rag Cutter

Easily repurpose material to make rags, disposable wipes, and towels with the Rag Cutter.

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Eastman Buzzaird Pneumatic Shear

Cut leather, rubber, plastics and much more with ease with the Buzzaird, it's Eastman's most powerful shear and can can also be used in wet environments.

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Eastman Standard Cardinal

Lastly, the Standard Cardinal is a versatile cutting machine capable of cutting through many materials and fabrics, a lightweight, but powerful motor provides the optimum cutting configuration.

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With so many options available, any cutting task can be completed with a powerful, USA made Eastman machine, and we're ready to help. If you have any questions or queries relating to our range of Eastman machines, please get in touch with our specialists today who can guide you through each machine and options. Check out our full range of machinery here.


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