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A guide to Moulded Hook Tapes

Moulded hook tapes have earned acclaim for their impressive strength, durability, and discreet profile within the fastening industry. These unique hook and loop fasteners stand out from conventional options, featuring moulded hooks crafted from sturdy plastic, delivering exceptional performance and longevity.

The advantages of moulded hook tapes are numerous. Their robustness and lasting power make them ideal for heavy-duty tasks and applications under high stress. Furthermore, their low-profile design ensures a sleek appearance, rendering them suitable for applications where aesthetics are crucial.

The versatility of moulded hook tapes extends across multiple industries. In the aerospace sector, they secure vital components in aircraft interiors. Automotive manufacturers utilize them for reliable fastening in vehicle interiors and trimmings. Medical professionals depend on them for securely holding medical braces and devices.


Moreover, in the apparel and fashion industry, moulded hook tapes offer innovative closures for shoes, bags, and outerwear, enhancing both comfort and functionality. Additionally, they play a vital role in sports and outdoor gear, providing dependable closures for backpacks and camping equipment. You will also find them being utilised in POS and shop displays, providing a strong, low profile bond.

From household items like curtains and organizers to electronic devices and straps, moulded hook tapes find widespread usage in everyday consumer products, enhancing convenience and usability.

Halco offers a wide range of moulded plastic hook tapes. Our classic low profile, high strength POLYLOK options provide unbeatable performance. Our Suede X hook tape is our attractive, smooth, velvety option that will make any product look and feel premium. Moulded B2B Hook tape is a low profile alternative to our standard B2B and its perfect for use in concealed environments, where space is limited. Our One Direction hook tape has been developed for carpets and mats slipping in automotive applications, ensuring no movement during travel.

In conclusion, moulded hook tapes have proven to be versatile and durable fastening solutions catering to diverse industries. Their strength, longevity, and sleek design make them an integral part of modern design and engineering. As technology advances, these exceptional hook and loop fasteners are poised to continue their rise as reliable components in various applications and HALCO is at the forefront of this with our moulded hook range, talk to one of our experts today about how moulded hook tapes can help with any fastening task you may have.


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