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The Difference Between Paper Types Explained

At HALCO we have a wide range of high quality grade paper to suit any needs your workroom may have. From plotter to heatseal, underlay to polythene, what exactly are these paper and poly products used for? This insight takes a look at the uses for each type of paper we stock, so you can choose the right paper for your project.

Plotter Paper
If you have a plotter or need to print in wide formats, then plotter paper is for you. Typically used when you're printing high quality, detailed CADs. This can be very beneficial in textiles as you can print out CADs for furnishing pieces and apparel. Plotter paper can also be used to create hand-drawn plans too, although the main purpose is for use in plotting printers. It's also available in an adhesive format (see heatseal paper below!)

Kraft Paper
Kraft paper is a durable type of paper, designed for packaging products. It has a high tear resistance due to high elasticity. Kraft paper is often used in the paper bags you might see at a fast food restaurant, or a supermarket. It's useful in a workroom to help package goods for transport and storage. It can also be utilised as a pattern paper, giving it another versatile use.

Underlay Paper
By placing underlay paper beneath fabrics and textiles, you can protect the fabric from marking and snagging from the table, as well as have a medium to move the piece across the table. If cutting, then a bottom underlay paper layer can help stop the bottom ply of fabric from rucking and causing mistakes in the cutting process.

Heatseal Paper
Heatseal paper works by having an adhesive, one activated by a heat source, usually an iron, applied to one side of the paper. This paper can then be ironed onto fabric to help with pattern shapes. When you need a guide for your next cutting project, heatseal paper can make the task much easier.

High Density Polythene Sheeting
Polythene is often used in the apparel and furnishing industry. It's best used a protective barrier between a cutter and fabric, helping product clean and efficient cuts to the fabric beneath, available in 15 & 25 micron.

Acid Free Tissue Paper
Ideal for gift wrapping. Acid free gift wrapping leaves no marks or stains on products. Making it the perfect gift paper for filling bags or boxes, it can also be used to wrap too.

Spotmark Paper
Make sure your garments are positioned neatly and correctly with spotmark paper. This paper is used to align fabrics up perfectly with cutters, printers or any other machinery, ensuring that whatever task is applied, is done right.  

Pattern Card
If you are producing patterned shapes in bulk, then you might want to consider a master cutout of the shape. This is where pattern card helps, used to create a sturdy, shape in which to base all other cuttings off. This durable card folds and cuts easily allowing a number of various patterns to be created.

For any paper needs, or any questions you may have, contact our friendly team today who are specialists in paper solutions for any workroom.


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