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Powerlifting brands use HALCO

For powerlifters and strongmen, the right gear and apparel can make the difference between a clean lift and a failure, that's why a leading powerlifting apparel brand has turned to HALCO for our range of scissors, to help them create quality sportswear that is worn by world champions and aspiring lifters.
In sportswear manufacturing, precision tools play a crucial role in ensuring the creation of high-quality apparel that meets the demanding standards of both athletes and consumers. That's why our client uses our KAI 5135 embroidery scissors. Precision is paramount when it comes to embroidering logos, emblems, or intricate designs onto sportswear fabrics. Using inferior or dull scissors can result in uneven cuts and frayed edges in the final product. Quality embroidery scissors, on the other hand, provide the sharpness and accuracy needed to execute intricate embroidery work with finesse. The ability to make clean, precise cuts not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the apparel but also contributes to the apparel's durability. Sportswear, often subjected to rigorous use, benefits immensely from the attention to detail facilitated by top-notch embroidery scissors. 

KAI 5135 Embroidery Scissors

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A powerlifter can spend years training for an event, so it is vital that their gear and apparel does not let them down on the day of the event. Our client prioritises quality and performance for all their customers, even when selecting their manufacturing scissors, which means a powerlifter can focus on getting their next bench-press. Our range of scissors are perfect for all types of apparel manufacturing, from sewing to tailoring. If you need quality shears for your workroom, contact us today for more information or for a quick quote.




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