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Providing Solutions to Firefighting Helicopters

In the current wildfire crisis, with fires in places like Hawaii, Greece and more, the importance of helicopters equipped with firefighting capabilities has never been more relevant. HALCO is very proud to play a part in these helicopter's production, supplying our fire retardant hook & loop solutions to a leading helicopter manufacturer tasked with building these choppers.

HALCO PYRO is a leading fire retardant and heat resistant brand of hook and loop tapes. These tapes are designed to provide both reliable fastening and fire/heat resistance, addressing the dual concerns of safety and functionality. By providing our PYRO Sew On Hook & Loop Tape and our acrylic PYRO Adhesive Hook & Loop Tape, the manufacturer can continue to build their incredible helicopters, ensuring that once airborne, critical equipment stays in place even amidst the turbulence and heat of firefighting operations.

HALCO PYRO Fire Retardant Adhesive Hook & Loop is a cutting-edge solution that combines the convenience of adhesive-backed hook and loop tape with the importance of fire safety. The adhesive hook and loop tape adheres firmly to a range of surfaces within the helicopter's interior, allowing for secure attachment of fixtures and padding. What sets it apart is its fire retardant properties, which significantly reduce the risk of ignition and propagation of flames.

While adhesive-backed solutions have their advantages, some applications demand the reliability of traditional sew-on hook and loop tape. HALCO PYRO Fire Retardant Sew-on Hook and Loop offers the same fire-resistant qualities while providing the robust fastening capability of sewn attachments. This makes it an ideal choice for securing heavier fixtures and components.

HALCO PYRO Fire Retardant
Adhesive Hook & Loop

HALCO PYRO Fire Retardant
Sew-on Hook and Loop

In the battle against wildfires, every piece of equipment on the helicopter plays a vital role. HALCO's fire retardant hook and loop tapes might seem like small components, but they are a testament to how innovation can be seamlessly integrated into critical applications. By ensuring that the interior and fixtures are firmly in place, firefighters and pilots can do their job that much more effectively. For more information on our HALCO PYRO range, please contact our specialist team who can help you with any questions or queries you may have.


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