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Saving Lives with Hook & Loop

It is inspirational to know that one of HALCO’s clients has supplied protective equipment that use our hook and loop tapes to over 2 million soldiers to date.

Our freedom and secure environments are a gift to us. Many brave men & women stand in the line of duty to deliver that freedom to us. We are indebted, and we care!  That’s why we are so passionate about products such as Fire Retardant Hook & Loop Tape which we currently supply for Bomb Disposal units globally.
How often have we heard of this scene. A member of a bomb disposal squad moves forward cautiously towards an unexploded device, hoping to defuse it. But as he approaches, the bomb detonates – killing him and perhaps others in the vicinity as well. Ever so often, unexploded devices have been detected, but before they can be neutralized, they explode causing needless casualties and creating immense damage. This is an oft witnessed phenomenon in Iraq, Afghanistan, India and many areas of the world which are prone to terrorist attacks. If only the means to contain an explosive device are available, valuable lives can be saved.
Bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices are fast emerging as the weapon of choice amongst terrorist groups and Anti-national elements. Should a bomb or IED be detected, it is essential that it be safely contained, till it is subsequently neutralized.
HALCO has contributed towards effective new developments against IEDs, pipe bombs, cycle or motor cycle bombs, hand grenades and fragmentation devices. Cleverly designed products protect explosives in explosive prone areas (such as ammunition dumps and depots) and provide shielding in case of misfires during field firings and training events. They can also be used in the clearance of unexploded mines or during own mine laying or minefield resuscitation operations.
HALCO’s approach through our Design & Innovation process ensured the client received bespoke Colour matched FR products to blend in perfectly with their finished goods.
HALCO Hook and Loop tape helps save valuable lives.
Click here to find out more about our involvement with the Military sector.

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