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Hook & Loop: A Friend Through Life

Sometimes when something goes unnoticed, it means it’s doing its job. Like a referee in a football match that isn’t mentioned afterwards, because they performed well enough to let the game flow at it’s best level and without interruption. Hook and Loop technology is a friend through life that certainly meets this theme. It’s so embedded in life that in some aspects it’s taken for granted, and this simply means it’s always served a quiet but crucial purpose.

From the day we enter the world, hook and loop fastening solutions are all around us whether we actively appreciate them or not. It keeps our early clothing needs accessible, easy to use and simple, from nappies to jackets and our first backpack we need for school. Through life it helps to protect us as we grow more adventurous, with straps for knee and elbow padding on the journey to riding a bike and first forays into skateparks.

As we grow and move forward, it’s simplicity becomes more purposeful in sports equipment and gym-wear. Hook and loop becomes a familiar sight as the sound and feel of it fastening and ripping open again associates itself with particular moments and environments. It’s scalable and reliable nature even translates into the highest level of apparel requirements, used in Military clothing and equipment.

But you don’t have to serve your country to know hook and loop is a friend. The more familiar office environment relies on accessible fastening solutions for keeping cables and equipment tidy. Even in later life, you may require more assistance with your physical needs – the simplicity of hook and loop again helps support this just as it did when growing up.

HALCO supplies and Manufactures a broad and versatile range of Hook & Loop fasteners. Take a look at what we can offer to meet every requirement from the every-day to the specific, or get in touch with an expert to find out more.

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