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5 places you would not expect to see Hook & Loop!

When you think of hook and loop, you might think of kids shoes, or a warm coat or maybe even the pockets of your trousers, but did you know, hook and loop technology can be found in lots of places you wouldn't have imagined!
Here are 5 places you might not expect to see hook and loop.
5. Your mattress
It's true, your mattress might have some hook and loop tape to help fasten the outside material together. Because it can be sewn on more discreetly, it's often used instead of buttons or zips. HALCO can provide numerous types of hook and loop tapes for bedding including our Comfort velour tape
4. Point of Sale signage
Ever wondered how shops can create wondrous shop windows or cool setups in store? There's probably some hook and loop in there holding it together! Because of the strength and durability of HALCO products, big displays can be setup without having to worry about it falling down. Next time you see a good shop window, see if you can spot any hook and loop holding it together.
3. Inside big server room computers
You can even find hook and loop inside server computers. back to back and cable ties are often found helping keep all the loose cables and wires neat and organised, this serves two functions: It can help an engineer find the cables they need quickly if they are performing work on a computer, and also it is safer, as unruly cables can cause a server to slightly heat up too. We offer soft, easy to use ties to help any user organise their wires.
2. Helping to deliver your next parcel
Hook and Loop is utilised by lots of home delivery services. In fact, Argos home delivery trucks utilise a special custom hook and loop strap from HALCO, that they use to safely and securely hold parcels and boxes in place on pallets and inside the vehicles. So your next package online might just have arrived to your door with the help of some hook and loop tape. 
1. The Original Star Wars Stormtroopers
Seen flanking Darth Vader and missing all their shots, the Stormtroopers are an iconic piece of Hollywood history, but did you know their original 1977 "Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope" outfits not only featured hook and loop tape but HALCO hook and loop tape. So somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, HALCO hook and loop can be found too.
Do you know of anywhere else hook and loop tape can be found?
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