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How is Hook and Loop used in industrial textiles?

When it comes to hook and loop, it’s more than reasonable to say that its uses are almost endless. From day-to-day uses around the home to industrial applications, there are few, if any, areas where hook and loop is unable to provide a solution.

Heavy-duty hook and loop can provide the perfect answer to an array of issues in the workplace and beyond. You’ll even find that hook and loop technology is commonplace in industrial manufacturing. Our range of hook and loop can be used for practically anything. The likes of tents, trampolines and even theatre curtains all utilise what hook and loop has to offer. By reading on, you can discover even more about where hook and loop is employed.

Camping and hook and loop

The camping sector is huge. In the UK alone, people spend over £2 billion every year on camping trips and that means that there is a significant demand for tents and other camping equipment. The likes of back-to-back hook and loop provide an excellent solution when it comes to bundling and wrapping camping gear. They allow for tents and sleeping bags to be rolled up and held securely so that they take up minimum space.

The use of hook and loop in camping and tourism goes even further thanks to how secure its heavy-duty products are. This allows them to have the strength to assist with securing things such as bikes and kayaks to vehicle racks.

Cable management and hook and loop

Regardless of the industry that you may operate in, cable management is a vital aspect of safety and compliance. When it comes to industrial applications for hook and loop, this has to be one of the most popular areas where the solution is ideal.

Hook and loop cable ties are not only safe and secure but they’re also reusable. That means that once they have served their purpose in an industrial manufacturing setting, they can, if need required, be redeployed.




High-temperature environments and hook and loop 

There are numerous examples in industrial manufacturing when a heavy-duty solution alone just isn’t enough. As well as the strength and security that heavy-duty hook and loop can provide, there is often also a need for a solution that can withstand fire and high temperatures. When you look at areas such as power plants, metalworking and aerospace there is a need to protect certain components from high temperatures.

There are numerous examples of where power and data need to be supplied to commercial buildings and where high temperatures and the risk of fire are very real. In these instances the use of plastic cable ties just isn’t an option: it’s hook and loop that provides the solution.

There are also workers such as those in the fire service and the military to consider. Hook and loop provide solutions that can withstand the temperatures that are worked in and can also go as far as being fire retardant for added protection, and peace of mind.




Signage, displays and hook and loop 

When it comes to hook and loop and industrial applications, it may be that a business is due to attend a trade show. It could even be that an organisation is involved with a theatrical production and is seeking to use promotional displays. Either way, it’s vital that set up and take down are quick and easy.

Without taking advantage of heavy-duty hook and loop businesses find themselves saddled with less than practical alternatives. This sees them dealing with cumbersome products that have lengthy, and over complicated, assembly instructions. The use of hook and loop keeps everything simple and fast.

There is also signage in factories, retail units, warehouses and a whole host of other settings to consider. To comply with laws and regulations, there are an array of signs that need to be clearly displayed and there needs to be a secure method of securing these. Heavy-duty hook and loop is the perfect answer here.




Haberdashery, textiles and hook and loop 

With the industrial manufacturing of commercial textile products, those behind these products seek out technology that is proven and that can provide an alternative to traditional fasteners. with both woven and non-woven solutions, hook and loop provide the perfect solution and gives a greater aesthetic appeal when compared to alternatives.

The reality is that both manufacturers and customers alike realise the benefits of hook and loop. It is a technology that’s trusted: known to be of the very best quality and highly reliable. While heavy-duty hoop and loop is perfect in certain scenarios, there are times when the textile industry requires a more subtle approach. Fortunately, the technology can cater for both.


Furnishings and hook and loop

Other industrial applications of hoop and loop technology can be found when looking at the furnishings market. There are an array of products that have been designed with furnishings in mind. This product range is highly diverse and that makes it a one-stop shop for furniture brands that are looking for a tailored solution.

Hook and loop solutions are designed to be cost-effective yet highly durable. That’s why they’re used in areas as diverse as caravan interiors, office furniture and Scandinavian sofas. Hook and loop really can cater for every furnishing need imaginable.



How HALCO can help...

At HALCO, we’re the specialists when it comes to all things hook and loop. Whether you’re running a small-scale enterprise or a global operation, we have the hook and loop solutions that will work for you. Whether you’re looking for cable management, solutions that work under high temperatures or even those that can assist with the assembly of a plane, we have everything that you could possibly need.

What makes us a little different to any other hook and loop suppliers is that we don’t just provide off-the-shelf solutions. If you’re looking for something that’s unique to suit specific industrial applications, we have the ability to create a bespoke product just for you.

With so many factors to determine the best hook and loop solution for your requirements, we would highly recommend that you speak to one of the hook and loop specialists at HALCO. We’re happy to answer all enquiries and help you to make the best decision for your application.

To find out more about which Industrial Textile hook and loop products are available, browse our extensive range of fasteners or simply get in touch today and speak with an expert.

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